A 25-Year Economic History

These guys are good!

Some good editorials at this site!

Investor’s Business Daily ran a great article Thursday: “Reagan’s Legacy: Our 25-Year Boom.” Great perspective, from a reminder of President Carter’s economic mess to its amplified and unfettered redux today.

Some quotes:

Americans had been told for years — as they’re now being told again — to expect diminished standards of living. Then they watched as the Reagan years set in place one of the most durable and remarkable booms in incomes and wealth in history.

A shocking new Rasmussen Poll shows that just 53% think capitalism is superior to socialism — despite the fact that socialism, wherever it’s been tried, has brought misery and poverty.

So is Reagan’s dream of free-market capitalism dead? Or is it just sleeping, as in the 1970s, waiting for a new champion to emerge?

Definitely give it a read! And be part of reawakening Ronald Reagan’s dream of free-market capitalism!

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