What’s next: how to win

Many in the Tea Party movement specifically do not see themselves as Republicans. These comments may partly sum it up:

Many conservatives are quite disillusioned with the Republican Party at this time…but we do all need to get together, and that will have to include the GOP listening to us and not being swayed by people who want them as weak as they were this last election.


Surely the “Join, or Die Again” slogan doesn’t mean to do what happened last fall–join the moderates’ idea of what will embarass them less at their cocktail parties, and then get stomped in the election.

We know that what  must be done is to stress and explain ideas. Strong, positive, conservative principles that work every time they’re tried. Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) has it right when he paraphrases C.S. Lewis:

…if you aim for principled reform, you win elections in the bargain; if you just aim for elections, you get neither.

Was that ever proven this past election! So, what—specifically—must we do here in District 17 to do our part? In the House, our representative is truly part of the problem.

What we must do—through our NUMBERS and UNITY

  1. Influence who the next District 17 candidate will be. Conservative, fiscally-sound principles first.
  2. Get this candidate elected. We all know people who either voted for our incumbent without examination, or didn’t vote against him for whatever reason. Our job must be to respectfully show them how they can help fix our country’s dangerous path by voting for the fiscally-conservative choice. If each of us do this we will win.
  3. Hold this new representative accountable. When united numbers of people encourage right actions and strongly discourage the brain-rot that too often happens in Washington, we can maintain the accountability of our representative.

I heard something the other day that clarified our responsibilities. I’m trying to start meeting with more groups who share the ideas of the Tea Party movement. At a very good recent meeting, one of the very intelligent and knowledgeable attendees stated something along the lines of:

I didn’t vote against our incumbent last November because I assumed the challenger was as poor a contender as the previous two were…

If you heard Rob Curnock speak at the Tea Party, or better yet at the Hilton debate before the election, you know that nothing could be further from the truth. Despite the State Republican Party and the RNC denying him any support, he came much closer (46-53%) to beating Chet Edwards and his more than $2 million (a third from unions), than the previous candidate (40-58%).

But remember, it’s principles first, then elections get won!

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3 Responses to What’s next: how to win

  1. Laura says:

    I agree completely; the best (only) way for us to affect a change is in the voting booth.

    I would have loved to see the recent debate, but unfortunately didn’t hear about it. I know a lot of folks monitor this site – can you please post the date/time/place for upcoming debates or rallys so we can become better informed voters? Thanks!

    • ncoppock says:


      The debate referred to was the WTAW sponsored debate that took place before the 2008 election. There will be a debate before the 2010 election and we will let everyone know about it.

      The best thing we can do now is talk with our family, neighbors, and complete strangers to let them know Chet Edwards needs to go. We must solidify that conclusion in the heart of everyone in District 17. Once that is a foregone conclusion, the primaries will be a discussion between conservative candidates about ideas. May the best man win in that effort.

      But regardless, that Chet Edwards must be defeated is our primary concern, therefore there will be no contest between Chet Edwards and our conservative candidate for District 17. That is our primary goal. We must be out there sharing with others the logic that Chet Edwards must be retired. That is Job One – as the old Ford commercial used to say.

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