First put out the fire

I like this firefighter t-shirt. Guess we have one to put out ourselves.

Cool firefighter t-shirt. Guess we have one to put out ourselves.

Check this quote out and see what you think:

The right is so split, if a politician is too centrist, he loses the Christian right, if he’s ‘too Christian’, he loses the middle. The net effect is that we have LOST THE ENTIRE COUNTRY to a bunch of Socialists who are hell bent on destroying her.
(Tom O’Halloran, “A Bold Step Back”)

Sounds like we need to Join, or Die. AGAIN.

I can’t remember exactly how the saying goes, but it’s something like “If the house is burning, first put out the fire, then (do whatever else).” I think even the President has used this expression. We are all noticing the smell of smoke from the punch-drunk left making bonfires out of money not even earned yet. But since they control the presidency and both houses of Congress, they’re flaming us with preposterous proposals and legislation on so many fronts we’re getting dizzy trying to keep up with it. Our first real opportunity to open a fire hose on this will be Nov. 2010.

Leading up to then, our path in District 17 is clear. To continue overdoing the fire metaphor ;-), we have an absolute pyro as our representative. It is our responsibility to do everything we can to send this man to a happy retirement on the beach or by the pool, a tall glass of tea in hand to sip and reminisce of the days before he decided to go along with the looting and ransacking of the country–and voters got wise to his voting record.

join-or-die-againFrom the three-step agenda I proposed earlier, here’s Step 1:

We must influence who the next District 17 candidate will be.

A Conservative with fiscally-sound principles will only be picked if we put all other legitimate, and even serious, differences aside. Whatever the issues most important to you—abortion, 2nd amendment rights, homeland security, culture issues, energy policy, immigration—we’ll lose the ability to effectively address any of them if we don’t get people in office who know they’re gone if they don’t listen to us. This can be done either with millions of dollars, which Chet Edwards has, or with a unified group of organized voters—which we are becoming!

Getting a conservative representative for District 17 must be Job 1. Nothing else can be done until we break the left’s monopoly in government. We have the numbers. Do we have the will? Grab a water bucket and let’s do this thing!!

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2 Responses to First put out the fire

  1. Christopher Morgan says:

    Well said. I ask though, haven’t we gone too far to just need a conservative voice who preaches the same story but can’t stand up with in comes – cuttin’ time? If I were running, it would be on a platform of REPEAL. Repeal every unconstitutional piece of legislation, repeal the income tax and don’t replace it with anything, choking the Federal Government’s lifeline out, abolishing the FED, etc, etc, etc. WAKE UP PEOPE!

  2. Mark Martin says:

    My question for Christopher Morgan would be this: “Why aren’t you running?” Most county level representatives (called Justices of the Peace in Arkansas) and City Council members only serve a few nights a month. There is also your local school board. What about an election commissioner? County Judge, Mayor…

    Don’t forget there are a lot of other positions you could be running for. How about the President of your local professional group, or Rotary, or Kiwanas, or Lions Club, or VFW, or American Legion, or Chamber of Commerce, or County Farm Bureau?

    Then there are positions in your chosen party, Republican, Democrat, or whatever. You get the point.

    This is where almost all politicians start. This is where you could be making the most difference.

    Go for it Christopher! Go! WAKE UP CHRISTOPHER! Go! Run for something.

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