Are You Ready To Rumble?

As Jana M. says, “Act like a Democrat today by not going to work and instead showing up to protest!”

What: Peaceful protest asking Texas Dist 17 Congressman Chet Edwards to grant Bryan/College Station a Townhall Meeting

When: Wed., August 4 @ 10:15 with signs so that he will see us when he drives into the Brazos Center

Where: Brazos Center, Bryan, Texas or along Briarcrest Drive

Stipulations: Peaceful, respectful with signs and US flags in hand!!!!!!

Sign suggestions:

Grant us a Townhall!

No Gov’t Healthcare!

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3 Responses to Are You Ready To Rumble?

  1. A Common Tater says:

    My sign will read: BirthFirst!

  2. Jeff Seeger says:

    My sign will read:

    Corporate Insurance has shortened my mom’s life and made it so that she is in pain 2 weeks a month.

    Okay, I guess that is a bit long, but it is true. Both of my parents worked two jobs their whole life and even though they had health care, they could not afford the copays and deductibles, so my mom ended up unable to treat her muscle disease and my dad unable to treat his disintegrating vertebrae.

    So, because of Corporate insurance, my parents who were productive members of society their whole lives were forced to claim bankruptcy, lose their house, and go on disability.

    If we had Government health care, they would be healthier, would still own their home and would be putting money into the system rather than being on disability.

  3. Brent says:

    There’s become a movement to also hold a rally at noon outside Chet’s Bryan office on Monday, August 10th.

    The hope is that a large number of people will show up during their lunch break, be respectful, have signs, etc. in a show of support for an in-person town hall meeting.

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