YCT Hosts Lord Monkton Tonight

Could the cost of the global warming hysteria be our national sovereignty? The answer is, “Yes!”, according to British Climate Expert, Christopher Lord Monkton.

The Cost of Global Warming Hysteria

With British Climate Expert

Christopher Lord Monkton

Monday, Oct 19th at 7:00 p.m.

Rudder Theater


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One Response to YCT Hosts Lord Monkton Tonight

  1. Teddy says:

    Via PolitiFact:
    “We find Monckton’s claims to not only be unsupported but preposterous. First, it’s impossible to know what agreement will come out of Copenhagen, and when. Second, the U.S. procedure for ratifying treaties requires consent by a supermajority of the Senate — a steep hurdle. Third, it’s hard to envision anything coming out of Copenhagen that would change the United States’ bedrock principles of freedom and democracy. And fourth, contrary to what Monckton says, the United States can leave an international agreement. So while it pays to be vigilant about threats to U.S. sovereignty, this one is not the threat that Monckton’s rhetoric suggests.”

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