Sarah Coming to Texas!

Sign up now for free tickets to hear Sarah Palin speak at the Rick Perry for Governor Rally.

Gov. Rick Perry will be joined by former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin at a rally in support of his re-election campaign on Sunday, Feb. 7 in the Houston area.

“I look forward to standing with Sarah to promote our shared conservative values of limited government, low taxes and individual freedom,” said Gov. Perry. “Gov. Palin is a true conservative leader whose priorities and message resonate with Texans, and I am honored to have her in Texas supporting my campaign.”

Gov. Palin will campaign with Gov. Perry to highlight the positive momentum Texas is experiencing through conservative leadership that has cut taxes, created jobs, strengthened education and secured our border.

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One Response to Sarah Coming to Texas!

  1. TheAnswerto1984is1776 says:

    Oh, please. Palin is a puppet for the establishment Republicans to take over the Tea Party movement. She is about as conservative as John McCain was, which is not at all (more likely a neo-con).

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