April 15th Tax Day Tea Party 2010!

The Top 10 In Economic Freedom

Hong Kong

Rank Country Overall Change
1 Hong Kong 89.7 -0.3
2 Singapore 86.1 -1.0
3 Australia 82.6 0.0
4 New Zealand 82.1 0.1
5 Ireland 81.3 -0.9
6 Switzerland 81.1 1.7
7 Canada 80.4 -0.1
8 United States 78.0 -2.7
9 Denmark 77.9 -1.7
10 Chile 77.2 -1.1

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Not only is the United States not #1 in Economic Freedom, we are rapidly moving downwards on the list! This should be our rallying cry for our next April 15th Tax Day Tea Party.

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2 Responses to April 15th Tax Day Tea Party 2010!

  1. FLB says:

    Make April 15th just another Day!! SB25 and HR 25 would institute the “Fair Tax” in America. EDUCATE
    yourselves about the Fair Tax. We CAN end this economic nightmare overnight by instituting the Fair Tax. EDUCATE YOURSELF!

  2. TheAnswerto1984is1776 says:

    P.J. O’Rourke was right: even though Hong Kong’s (before the British seceded it to the Chinese Communists at least) civil rights record was essentially crap, at the very least they excelled in preserving the rights of man in a purse. Of course, the Chinese Communists had to scrap a lot of their communism after Hong Kong became a part of the country, in large part since the communists saw the opportunity to gain more political power via increasing the economic strength by making deals with the Hong Kong industrialists.

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