More About Nullification

American Thinker has an informative article about Nullification and how this movement has the Progressives really scared. Follow the links provided. The link to Judge Andrew Napolitano’s videos about the Constitution are particularly well done and informative.

Progressives have been circumventing the Constitution with laws using small steps. If we The People become a constitutionally well-informed body, then the words of the Constitution will be the undoing of the Progressive Movement.

The Bryan/College Station Tea Party Pot Luck Dinner is going to be such an event to instruct us in the power of the Constitution. Please plan on attending and bringing family and friends. The Truth will as always, set us free!

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One Response to More About Nullification

  1. TheAnswerto1984is1776 says:

    “Progressives” aren’t the enemy, the banksters are.

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