The Conservative Colonies

Benjamin Franklin's original 1751 political cartoon

People in the Tea Party Movement are individualists. If we are for something or against something, it is because our experience and principles have taught us to take that position. But, for now, we all face a common enemy that transcends our differences.

The HBO miniseries John Adams did a great job of dramatizing the serious struggles the representatives of the thirteen original colonies had in approving and signing the Declaration of Independence. The differences these colonies had with each other were not minor. But they eventually recognized that they faced a bigger issue, and the only way they could address it was to, for a time, put their other serious issues aside.

The Join, or Die. AGAIN. slogan will not get anyone to change positions or principles. It is to remind us that we must stand united against the left’s relentless attempts to change us from a constitutional republic. Unless we do Join, or Die. AGAIN, they will be successful.

As the 2010 elections get closer, I anticipate resposting various versions of this message. In Tx-17, this slogan could easily be modified to say Join, or Chet. AGAIN.

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One Response to The Conservative Colonies

  1. Dr. Nate Wirt says:

    I have read two books by Newt Gingrich: Real Change, and, To Save America. I truly believe we should get behind him for present-day leadership purposes, and later as a presidential candidate. He does an excellent job of identifying and explaining existing problems both internally and externally, and provides solutions that are understandable and doable. I also believe he has a solid understanding of history and of public sentiment and would be able to effectively, and intellectually, challange and defeat our secular-socialist president. But he needs a congress behind him.

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