Dr. John Painter – The Battle For America

At our next potluck dinner this Thursday (place/time details here) Dr. John Painter will give a presentation entitled “The Road to Independence: How to Restore Our Constitutional Republic.”

Here’s what Dr. Painter sent describing his background:

Boy Navigator in the Air Force, 1954-1958 active duty. Hardship Outpost at West Palm Beach, FL.
Ex-GI Student on Korean G.I. Bill, with wife and 2 kids, Univ. of Illinois, 1958-1962.
Radio Communication Engineer in NASA, Apollo Project, 1962-1964, Houston.
Radio Communication Engineer at Motorola-Scottsdale, AZ, 1965-1967.
Radio Research Engineer in NASA, Multipath Propagation, 1967-1974, Langley, Hampton, VA.
Professor of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Aerospace Engineering, TAMU, 1974-1998.
Retired, 1999-Date.

Dr. Painter labels those who temporarily control two branches of the U.S. government as “cultural aliens.” They are characterized as those who hate the 400-year-old traditional American culture.

He says we’re seeing a final push to complete the conversion of the U.S. into a Democratic-Socialist Welfare State, like the European Post-Christian West. And, he says this push must be turned around in the 2010 election. 2012 may be too late.

Dr. Painter will be presenting his paper at our next Pot Luck Dinner Meeting, June 3, 2010. If you’d like to RSVP, please comment here and/or on the Facebook Event Page. Thank you!

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