Special Video: Herman Cain

Many of us have heard Herman Cain substitute host for talk show host, and fellow Aggie, Neil Bortz on WTAW. Mr. Cain is a huge supporter of the tea party movement, because Mr. Cain loves America, our Founding Documents, and our freedom to pursue your individual dream.

When speaking at The Americans For Prosperity – Texas  Defending The American Dream Summit in Austin, Herman Cain was a force of nature. He jokingly told the man holding the countdown time sign, that he was wasting his time, and the audience roared with approval.

One of the lessons Mr. Cain taught us was the method that he had coined to recognize Liberal/Progressive callers to his own talk radio show.

He calls this liberal-identification technique the S.I.N. Method:

S – Shift the blame

I – Ignore the facts

N – Name Call

One of the hottest conservative blogs is right here in Austin, Texas – Ramparts 360º, and I am proud to call Sybyl West and George Scaggs my friends. Both of these great conservatives received awards and recognition for their work. I highly recommend adding Ramparts 360º to your daily reads.

All this is to introduce these this exclusive video of their private interview with Herman Cain. Enjoy! Thanks for your great work, Sybyl and George.

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