Tea Party – An Indictment Against the Ruling Class

The Tea Party Movement is happening because Americans instinctively know that their rights existed before the creation of government. Therefore, the Tea Party Movement can be described as Main Street America’s indictment of the Ruling Class. So much legislation and bureaucracy has been created by a leviathan government that innocent people are finding themselves trapped in red tape, codes, restrictions, mandates, and fines. There is nothing American about mainstream citizens becoming characterized as criminals simply for living their life and pursuing happiness – which is private property.

Sen. Jim DeMint recently observed, “The Tea Party is the tip of the iceberg of an American awakening of people who want to take back their government. It’s not a matter of ‘right’ or ‘left.’ It’s really a matter of success or failure as a country.” That success or failure hinges on dealing with our grave internal threat – the Leviathan that our government has become, the unsustainable entitlements, the incomprehensible enormity of our debt, the conceit of social engineering and command-and-control governance, the profligacy of Washington spending and the resulting confiscatory taxation to pay for it all. Most of all, it is the annihilation of our children’s future prosperity and liberty.  (read more…)

The Tea Party Movement is about mainstream America standing against the supercilious arrogance of elected officials and public sector employees.

If you have not attended a Bryan/College Station Tea Party event yet, please plan on attending our November is Coming Rally.

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